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Night of the Rising Stars in Des Moines

The ‘Night of the Rising Stars’ event in Des Moines on Thursday proved to be an educational and successful first public outing for William. After a somewhat arduous journey to the capital in ninety degree weather; it was evident that we were not the only ones feeling wilted from the day’s temperature but, however uncomfortable outside, inside the Hoyt Sherman theatre the crowd was refreshed and excited to speak to fellow republicans from all sides of Iowa.

One resounding theme at the meeting was the Republican readiness to embrace the younger members of the party and to open the umbrella in welcome to the many independents across the state. As indicated by the event title, much talk was concerned with the ability for the young Representatives and Senators to reinstate true conservative values back to Iowa. Our host, Dubuque’s own Rep. Steve Lukan was one such ‘rising star’ who evidences the grass-roots values that traditionally embodied Iowan politics.

William garnered much interest at the event about his upcoming campaign and was able to speak to several  key republican groups and leaders about their personal experiences with Rep. Murphy.  One experience that had a resounding impact was Murphy’s use of the state troopers to empty the public from a hearing about the federal deductibility tax ( an article regarding the event may be found here; ). This is just one example of events that create an opportunity for change in Iowa, not only are the Republicans ready to provide that change but young Republicans such as William are emerging as leaders to actively provide it to the state.



Independence Iowa Tea Party 2/28/2010

Iowa Gun Show 3/6/10

Healthcare Protest 3/19/10

3/18/2010  Iowa Capitol. Day of turning in Petitions.

     Today Evan and I traveled to the Capitol to turn in the almost 2,000 petition signatures.  After turning in the signatures at the Lucas building we went to the Capitol to wait for the final count to finish (takes up to 2 hours) and had some refreshments in the lobby.  It was there that we saw a group of Chinese visitors looking around for someone and I decided to see if I could be of any assistance since I speak (Mandarin) Chinese.  They had a translator with them but I was still able to help them locate the Senator they were looking for.  After they were recognized from the floor of the Senate they invited Evan and I to join them for dinner.  We spent about 6 hours in all with this Chinese delegation (from the Chinese Government) and it was an excellent exercise for my Mandarin skills.  These representatives were very friendly and open to how or government works and how it can be improved (my campaign's ideals).  Their translator Helen (Xiaoming Gao of was amazing and she will  be working with the State Dept. soon.  The 3 Chinese Government Officials are touring the U.S. for their Intellectual Property offices to gain more insight.  Ms. HongJian Huang of Nanjing, Ms. Liu Jun of Hefei (Anhui), and Li Zong Bao of Zhejiang (Hangzhou) were the three respectful delegates.  Mr. Li Zong Bao and I struck a strong cord as he knows the area I lived in China and the school I studied at.  There is an understanding of how the U.S. economy is lacking true production (factories and industry).  Some of the largest factors have to do with our trade imbalance that is facilitated by our hampering "Trade Deals" within the WTO (World Trade Organization).