The following media relates to Republican involvement as well as my candidate of choice during the 2008 presidential elections.  This material should be understood as an encouragement for becoming active in politics and is not intended to slight the candidates.


America's current political climate in comparison with China.

Returning from China the intention here was to expound to those gathered the true state of America's political identity. 

Huckabee's view on CFR

This was from a Mike Huckabee rally which I helped host (it's at my college of Loras in Iowa and I'm a republican). A typed transcript of the dialog is coming soon in this description box. Huckabee describes Richard N. Haass (Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations) as a good friend and some of the concepts of CFR. I know the audio is hard to pick up because of all the background noise, a transcript is in the works.  



Interview with Giuliani

A dazed Giuliani is stunned by a question from Jeremiah Johnson in Dubuque Iowa at the Courthouse on 11-8-2007 at 11:00 a.m.
Watch his reaction as he withdraws his hand and leaves the other guy hanging to deal with the question. He stops and stares at Jeremiah, then at myself his brother with the camcorder (that looks like a camera) and then at his aids and finally back to Jeremiah to deny his membership in the CFR. I'm pretty sure he was surprised that some Iowa "hicks" knew something about the "city slicker". Hopefully many people will clue in on the questions that Media aren't asking and start asking them for themselves



Conversation with Michael Steele

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Message to young people. Earlier in the day at the Republican Youth Leadership Conference he explained how the 2006 election disaster (for the republicans) left a party that was ripe for quick promotion of it's diligent young people.


Reagan Dinner 2008

Reagan Dinner after party. These rooms are where candidate supporters gather after the dinner. Romney, McCain, and Julianne send videos of themselves to the dinner while the other candidates received 8 minutes a piece to speak. The dinner and speeches finished around 9 p.m. so what you are seeing is at about 9:40 p.m. Also after my brother and I left the after party and struck up a conversation with a friendly Tancredo supporter on a street corner at around 10:30 we had passersby and motorists exclaiming their support for Ron Paul. This was unusual in the fact that it wasn't half or a third but every single passerby was stating it. We even had a taxi stop to roll down his window and tell us his supporting statement. It was our first big political event we've ever attended and it was quite an experience! 

This video is a testament to the power of grass roots movements.  Independents and grass roots activists should not be marginalized or ignored!